Monday, March 7, 2011

Our Au Pair Experience (Part2)

As I mentioned we have had 8 Aupairs so far and I am not sure we are done yet. I feel there is more of the world we need to explore through our au pairs. We have had Denmark, then Norway (which did not work out so well, but that is another story), Estonia, Four from Brazil one of which stayed two years and our current girl is from Germany. They have all been great and we are in touch with all of them still. It is fun to watch where they end up and what they do with their lives. My girls view them all as big sisters from around the world. This year we have had the pleasure of having two of our previous Aupairs visit which was great. Leticia from Brazil was here and we had not seen her for five years. She now works in Brazil helping to save the rain forest which is amazing. Andrea, also from Brazil came for a visit, she was with us three years ago. She is now an aupair again in California.

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