Friday, March 25, 2011

Good Bye party for your Aupair

I get this question from time to time what to do for the Aupair when they leave. Some families go out for a special dinner and some have a party. I have always thrown a party for my aupairs when they leave. Most of mine have left during the summer so it is an easy time to do a backyard barbeque. There are times when you have two aupairs over lap and throwing a party is a good way to welcome one as you say good bye to the other. Our parties have ranged from just a few close friends to a big Brazilian blow out that lasted until 4 in the morning. Whatever you decide to do, doing something special for a person that has been a part of your family for a year and taken care of your children is important.

On that note here are a few photos of some of our area aupairs that are leaving now. They have spent a successful year in Kansas City and they have been wonderful aupairs. Two of them will now be returning to Germany.Bon Voyage and thanks for being great aupairs.

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