Thursday, March 24, 2011

Male aupairs

I came across a new movie the other day that is about a Norwegian aupair and takes place in Kansas, what are the odds. Here is the link check it out
This brings up the point of male aupairs, since the aupair in this movie is a male. I often get a look of surprise from people when I tell them that there are male aupairs. I think it is great that men are taking an active role in child rearing and what a great way to do it at an earlier age. And no not all male aupairs are gay. There are not many male aupairs but the ones that do make the choice to become an aupair have a great year and as a rule have less issues than their female counterparts. We look forward to welcoming our first male aupair to Kansas city ( it has been a long time since we had one) this summer. Male aupairs are particularly popular in families with active boys, a male au pair will not mind spending hours in the backyard playing soccer, they tend to bond more easily with the children and the family and there is far less drama. Very few male aupairs leave the program. A male aupair may not be the best fit for all families but is something for families to consider.
I have no idea what this movie "Aupair Kansas" will be like but check it out if you have time. It will show in Kansas City on Saturday April 9th at 7:45pm at the AMC in the power and light district.

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