Monday, March 7, 2011

Cultural Tip

From time to time I come across some cultural differences that need to be pointed out and they are not the obvious. So I will post them here. They are important for Aupairs and Host families because they are usually topics we do not like to talk about. So today's topic is "where does the toilet paper go after you have used it?" In America the answer is obvious...the toilet right? But in South American countries the toilet paper goes in the waste basket in the bathroom. The reason may be that the plumbing there is not as good as here, maybe that is just what they are used to, who knows but the first time it happens you kind of wonder. I now know this little piece of information and it is okay, each culture has different things that we do. Now I know what to do when I go to Brazil and they will not look at me strangely because i threw the toilet paper in the toilet.

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