Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Should you take your Au Pair on vacation

To take your aupair on vacation or not, I get that question often. I think it is up to each family to decide whether they want their aupair along on a family vacation. It can be a big help having the aupair along allowing you some adult time and you know your kids are safe since they are with their regular babysitter. But there are times when you just want some family time and don't need the aupair along. It really is a personal choice for each family and a question of finances. If you bring the aupair along and she is working then it is reasonable that you pay for their trip. Having her share a room with the kids is very common. It can be a nice treat for the aupair to come along. We would bring our aupair along when we first started with the aupair program 9 years ago, but now we tend to leave the aupair home. We enjoy spending time with our kids while vacationing, though I must admit that on this last vacation having had some help would have been nice, an evening out would have been great.

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