Friday, May 20, 2011

Living a Simple yet Urban lifestyle is it possible?

As our lives get busier, two working parents, two kids , two dogs and a nanny how do we maintain the simple life in this urban environment? It is important to me to feed my family healthy food and for my children to know where their food comes from. It does not come from a box pre-packaged and pre-made. It is easier than you think to keep a simple life and not really that much more expensive. I make my own bread, it is cheaper and tastier than store bought bread and it makes the house smell good. We buy local milk from the Shatto company, the best milk ever, comes in glass bottles which you recycle at the store. And we just got our first order of produce from Fruitful Hills, a local Amish family that provides food for the Urban dwellers. I believe it is possible to live a more simple life in the midst of our hectic Urban lifestyle. All these things help teach the next generation to maybe slow down a little and enjoy the little things in life in the midst of iphone,ipads and ipods!

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