Friday, February 21, 2014

Did you know....?

Did you know that when an au pair loses her/his
passport with the J-1 visa in it, he or she will need
to return to home in order to get a new visa?
In December 2013, an au pair lost her passport. To replace the
passport, she went to her country’s embassy here in the U.S. She
then tried to get a number of U.S. agencies to help her replace her
J-1 visa while here in the U.S. When she finally called AuPairCare’s office we informed
her that she would need to make an appointment and appear in person at
the U.S. Embassy in her home country where the original visa was issued. Applying
for a new visa cannot be done while here in the U.S.
If an au pair doesn’t plan to leave the U.S. and return during the program year or
extension year, s/he does not need to go home and replace the visa. The DS2019
issued by AuPairCare is sufficient to verify that the au pair is here in the U.S. legally.
However, an au pair who leaves the country will not be allowed to re-enter
- even from Canada, Mexico, or U.S. adjacent islands – without a J1 visa. Therefore,
an au pair who is planning to travel abroad during the program will need to
return home to replace the J1 visa if it is lost or stolen.

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