Monday, September 17, 2012

Week two without an aupair

This is our second week without an aupair and we miss her. I did not realize how spoiled I had become having the extra set of hands around. I still think she is here when I see the car parked outside or when we set the table for dinner I expect her coming down and joining us. It is a big transition to not have an aupair after ten years of sharing our home with young people from around the globe. It is not only the child care help but the cultural exchange and enrichment that I miss. I am thankful that I am still the aupair coordinator so I can keep in touch with our local aupairs and families.

For those considering an aupair now is great time to get one. Go to and apply using the promo code FALL$1000. Apply by Sept 27th and match by the end of October to get $700 off your program fees.

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