Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Social Media, Computers, Smartphones, Tablets oh my!

In this new world we are living in we are all very dependent on our electronic devices and we need to learn to use them responsibly. We all know that we do not text and drive, we also should not talk on the phone and drive. Pull over and do your talking. As au pairs you should not be on your devices while watching the kids. I know it is temping to always be present on the net you my miss something! But it is only the internet it will be there later as well. Your kids health, safety and well being are much more important! If you are in the park or at the pool and the kids are playing you should be there playing as well not off on a bench on your electronic device. An accident can happen at the blink of an eye, that is something you do not want to share on social media!
As for host parents we need to present too. An electronic device is just that a device, replaceable and without feelings! Live in the moment and be present. Host parents set an example for their children and au pairs. Put down the device and make memories in your head not on a device.
My favorite quote that I heard from my mother " we are always alone but together on the internet"

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