Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What is Room and Board

I often get the question what exactly is room and board. The Aupairs receive their weekly stipend of $197.75 and room and board. So Room is, they get their own private room with a door on it and this is their private space. Kids should not be allowed in the aupair room unless the aupair invites them in and everyone should always knock before entering the aupairs room. It is her/his private place. Board is,  any food and drink the aupair consumes. You may list certain foods as off limits to the aupair, maybe you have  certain items that are expensive or hard to get and alcohol should always be off limits unless you offer your aupair a drink and then of course that is your business.
But the aupair should have access to everyday foods and if the aupair eats yogurt and you don't, it would be nice to buy some yogurt for the aupair. Basic foods should be provided for your aupair. Aupairs should no be going hungry. It is important to discuss food likes and dislikes in the interviewing process because it makes it much easier when all parties are more or less on the same food page. If you eat meat everday and your aupair is a veggan you may run into some problems.

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