Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ten Questions I Wish I Asked my Child Care Provider

Ten Questions I Wish I Asked my Child Care Provider
Interviewing potential child care providers can be a daunting task. AuPairCare, an au pair matching agency, interviews thousands of international au pair applicants each year to assure they represent only the highest quality child care providers. Regardless of what type of child care provider you are seeking, AuPairCare recommends you consider the following questions, which go beyond basic child care experience, when interviewing applicants who will be taking care of your children.
1.     Are you trained in either CPR or First Aid?
2.     What is your discipline philosophy?
3.     Do you have a high school diploma and plans to continue your education?
4.     Do you have a valid driver’s license, and how much driving experience do you have?
5.     Can you offer flexible child care hours, including nights and weekends?
6.     Do you have any other obligations such as a part time job or children of your own that might impact your availability?
7.     Tell me what you love most about taking care of children? What is the hardest part?
8.     What is your favorite food? What type of meals do you prepare for kids?
9.     Do you have your own health insurance?
10.  Why should we let you care for our children?
“Parents need to have a complete picture of their child care provider’s experience, child care philosophy and personality before hiring,” said Heidi Woehl, vice president of AuPairCare. “It’s important that you are 100% confident in your child care provider’s ability and that your child enjoys spending time with your provider.  At AuPairCare we screen each au pair on a number of factors – including educational background, medical and psychological stability, criminal record, and child care references before accepting them into our program. Au pairs also receive accident and travel insurance, training in CPR and First Aid, and constant support by local staff. Most of all, we make sure each au pair has a sincere interest in caring for children.”

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