Thursday, June 2, 2011

The role of the Area Director

What exactly does the area director do? Aupair Care has 200 + area directors around the country and our job is to be there for the host families and au pairs. I think the area director is a great resource for families and aupairs and I believe Aupair Care has some of the best area directors in the business hence the A+ rating the company has from the Better Business Bureau. I love my job, I get to meet interesting host families that live all across the city, from Gardner, to Leavenworth to Parkville. I cover the whole Metro. I enjoy getting out of my comfort zone of my Mid Town Urban life. I also very much enjoy all the au pairs, they come from all over the world. It is fascinating to meet other cultures and hear other languages. It can be tricky sometimes when doing a mediation with a family and aupair because there are cultural differences, but there in lies the challenge that I enjoy, especially when everything works out. It comes down to communication. We all need to communicate. If host family and au pair have trouble communicating then contact your area director. We are the neutral ones and we are here to help you. That is what I find is a huge benefit of having an aupair over a local nanny, there is support from a third party. The Area Director is in it with you, at least that is how I see it.

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