Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sharing traditions

Maluh's birthday cake

Maluh and the kids
Sharing traditions and customs is one of my favorite things about having an aupair. They can share their customs with us and we can share ours with them and this way we make the world a little smaller. A tradition at our house is to celebrate birthdays with cake in bed for the birthday person. The person who's birthday it is wakes up early in anticipation of cake and gifts in bed. With my girls the celebration usually starts at 6am because they are so excited. Last year we shared this tradition with our Brazilian Aupair Maluh. She had taken in part in everyone's cake in bed celebrations. She was a die hard and would not miss them. I remember once she came home at 5am on my daughters birthday (it was a Saturday) after a long night on the town. She lay down on the couch in the living room to wait because she did not want to miss the cake in bed event. So when her birthday came around of course she too got the cake and gifts in bed. Tomorrow is her birthday and we will think of her and maybe have a little cake in bed.

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